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Burrito's Clubhouse

animation: Burrito dancing

Our motto at the clubhouse is:
"For All Ages, No Foul Words, No Nudity."

Burrito's Pals
cartoon: Adeltia
cartoon: Mr.Iguano
cartoon: Lady Luck
cartoon: Mr. Gato
cartoon: Torito
cartoon: Senor Owl
cartoon: Mr. Puerco
cartoon: Inspector Polo
cartoon: Zzorro
Mr. Iguano
Lady Luck
Mr. Gato
Señor Owl
Mr. Puerco
Inspector Polo

About Burrito - He's a lovable little burro character and his misadventure through history, current events and even the known future. Burritoons are the cast of supporting characters such as: Torito, Adelita, Lady Luck, Mr.Iguano, Polo, Zzorro, the Charming Devil and many more.

About Accent Comics - Burrito was created in 1990 and Accent Comics was established in 1994 to fill the need for wholesome cartoons and stories with a morsel of cultural favor that aligns on the cutting edge of comix. Entertainment and humor is our first goal.
We want you to enjoy.

Carlos is also doing standup comedy, see a sample video and don't forget the Toonist merchandise.

Accent Comics is always interest in your comments in barrio improvements.
Feel free to drop us a line at the e-mail link.

graphic: Accent Comics logo snail-mail:
Accent Comics
P.O. Box 11581
Glendale CA 91226
picture: Carlos Saldana

Carlos Saldaña
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